Types of Braces

High Technology Braces

The technology incorporated into your braces can effect oral hygiene (clean-ability, plaque retention, & the risk for cavities or staining), force levels (pressures on the teeth and supporting bone), treatment length, appliance integrity (breakage and inconvenience), and precision. High technology braces are the new generation of orthodontic appliances designed and manufactured to be more biocompatible, efficient, reliable, and precise than the state-of-the-art braces of a few years ago. A variety of high technology braces are available today, all with unique strengths and benefits. High technology braces used at our office include titanium, self-ligating esthetic, crystal clear esthetic, and several subspecialized appliance systems.

Titanium Braces

Titanium brackets take advantage of the unique properties of titanium. They are significantly smaller than other comparable braces. Obviously, the smaller the size, the less obtrusive the braces appear. Other benefits of titanium braces include:

Titanium Braces

  • Supreme biocompatibility (due to titanium composition)
  • Superior reliability (due to titanium properties)
  • Hygienic advantages (due to titanium strength and small size)
  • More fun (with changeable colored ties)

Esthetic Braces (Self-ligating ceramic or Crystal clear sapphire)

Because these braces are transparent or translucent, they are very esthetic. Esthetic self-ligating ceramic brackets use little clips instead of ties to hold the wire in place. In this way, they are somewhat “automatic.” The clips will not stain like the rubber ties, and they activate the wire to move the teeth. The advantage of this type of brace is that the teeth tend to move more easily, especially in the beginning stages of treatment. Esthetic braces are usually not the best choice for the lower or bottom teeth.

Crystal clear braces (Ice) and Esthetic self-ligating braces (Innovation-C)

Wild Smiles

Wild Smiles brackets are made from quality stainless steel. They also can incorporate color elastic ties for added individuality. The patented designs can be mixed and matched to give everyone a truly unique smile.



Subspecialized Appliance Systems

Subspecialized appliance systems combine specialized technology, simulation or individualized setup, and customized appliance fabrication to provide unique advantages over other high technology braces. Subspeciialized appliance systems include lingual or invisible braces (Incognito), clear removable aligners (Invisalign®), and customized robotic assisted appliances (Suresmile, Insignia).

Subspecialized appliance systems and procedures can offer benefits such as increased efficiency, lifestyle conveniences, reduced invasiveness, and enhanced predictability. A collection of subspecialized appliance systems and procedures has the potential to provide a range of treatment possibilities. With a range of treatment possibilities treatment can be fit to you instead of fitting you to a particular appliance system.

Subspecialized appliance systems generally require certification, training, software, and equipment unique to the appliance system. As part of our commitment to whole system minimally invasive orthodontic care, our office is certified, trained, and equipped to offer a variety of subspecialized procedures.

Please see our Subspecialization page for more information.

Invisible (Lingual/ Incognito) Braces